General Information

NAPAMS v2 is an upgrade of the NAPAMS application which was designed and developed to take care of the limitations and complaints of companies experienced currently.

It is basically the same application

Data capture is for existing products (products that already has/have NAFDAC registration number) while new registration is for new product.


Yes, documents are still being uploaded.

The documents have been categorized into two (2). The company related documents which are uploaded when registering the company and products related documents which are uploaded when filling the product forms.

You can find out by checking the guidelines for your product category on NAFDAC website at

These documents are sent along with the product sample and you can choose to drop it off at NAFDAC office or send it by courier.

The product image is required to prevent the registration of look-alike products.

Yes, but you will need to use different email addresses.

Product Registration Process

You can find out by checking the guidelines on NAFDAC website at

The product categories include: Food, Cosmetics, Drug, Medical Device, Agro-Chemicals & Pesticide, Veterinary Products, Vaccines & Biologicals, Herbal and Nutraceuticals and Water.

You will get a mail notification at every point in the registration process. You can also check the status of your application by login to your account on NAPAMS.

No, you can choose to have it sent to NAFDAC office.

A mail notification is sent once a compliance directive is issued. You can also track compliance directive issued to you company from your account.

Yes, you can process/register multiple products at the same time.

Yes, the registration process of some products can be completed in the zonal/state office.

The list of products that can be registered in the zonal/state office are: o Bread and bread products o Packaged Water (bottle and sachet) renewal only o Dry finger foods – chin-chin, popcorn, plantain and potato chips o Locally grown rice and other packaged farm produce o Locally grown rice and other packaged farm produce o Palm oil o Dried Fish and fish products o Dried Meat and meat product o Liquid soaps (Hand wash, Car wash, Dish wash) o Petroleum jelly

No, the registration process will can be completed in the zonal/state office.

You can start renewal 6 months to the date of expiry.

Yes, there is a late renewal fee, which is dependent on the category of the product.

No, you have to use the form category your product belongs to.

Nothing the purchased form will be in your account for future use.

Payment Related Information

Payment is made through REMITA, so all payment options like debit card, online transfer and over-the-counter payment are available.

No, this is because payment is made directly into the Treasury Single Account (TSA) of the Federal Governement through the REMITA platform.

No, every transaction has to be initiated from the NAPAMS portal.